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Freaking out the Muggles

A while back I got a Dark Mark tattoo on my inner left forearm. The other day I was in the elevator in my apartment building and these two teeny boppers (about 15 yrs old) were in the elevator with me. One of them had the entire Harry Potter collection.

Anyway, one of the girls sees the Dark Mark and I notice she seems to think its cool. Now mind you, I'm 6' tall and rather "strapping". I also have short cropped dark blond hair (no, not black) and a well trimmed military style mustache. Just about this time we're almost to my floor and I say to her in my best Scottish accent, "' name is Walden Macnair."

The eyes get bigger, the teenybopper squealing starts just as the elevator door opens and I step out and I swear I heard the squealing as the elevator continued to their destination.

Ah, its so fun freaking out the Muggles :)

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