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Short lil drabble with the pairing of choice! *snerk*

Pairing: Lucius/Walden, implied Voldemort/Golgomath
Words: 560

The war was over and Harry Potter had sacrificed himself in order to destroy the Dark Lord. Dumbledore was long dead and in the age that arose, there existed a far more ironic cruelty in Ministry justice as to how they should punish the convicted Death Eaters.

In a brilliant stroke of either madness or vengeance, perhaps both, the Minister had given Walden Macnair back his title of Executioner.

“You destroy dangerous beasts,” the Minister stated during Walden’s trial. “I see no reason for you to stop now.” The man’s beady eyes glinted maliciously. “You will be given the charge of executing your fellow cohorts. I see no distinction between them and any other dangerous beast you have ever beheaded.”

In return, the Ministry would be more lenient with Mr. Macnair.

Walden, at first, showed no such problems with this job. He took off the head of Rabastan Lestrange without a blink. Pyrites was next and Walden didn’t flinch as blood spurted out of his fellow Death Eater’s neck.

Still, the crowd below cried out for more bloodshed.

Lucius Malfoy had been dragged out before the crowd. He had been beaten and abused by the Aurors throughout his stay in Azkaban and yet, he kept his head high as he was placed upon the scaffold.

Walden’s knuckles were white as he gripped the axe handle. “Still playing the martyr, Lucius?”

Lucius smiled. “It’s the part I was born to play.”

“Not today.”

Lucius stopped smiling. “Let me be the hero, Walden. Please, just do your job.”

Even as Walden came to his new understanding as to his long-time lover, he still felt sickened by what had to be. Lucius would allow Walden to destroy him if only to gain sympathy by those who still believed in the Dark Lord and his Cause. There would always be other Death Eaters. And now, Lucius, for the first time in his life, wished to do something noble.

It was an effort worthy of a Gryffindor.

Walden picked up his axe and readied it over Lucius’ bare neck, for he had been forced to cut his hair before this date. The axe was lifted up and then swung down, directly into the stomach of the watching Minister of Magic.


But Walden would not hear any of it. Grabbing up Lucius, he found it disgustingly easy to pilfer a wand from an Auror who had been about to draw the weapon. Apparating away was also a simple act as Walden’s complicity had lured the crowd and the Aurors into a false sense of security.

Still, Lucius struggled. “Walden! Let go! Take me back!”

Walden had to stupefy the blond in order to cross the lands to where the giants roamed. There, they would be safe from the others, they would get the right sort of company to keep them safe and they would be able to watch for the next uprising Dark Lord.

Walden spoke to Golgomath who had gone into mourning since Voldemort had been slaughtered and the Gurg allowed them to stay as long as they wished.

For now, Walden would only have to wait for Lucius to wake up. Lucius would be angry with him at first but over time, he would learn to accept and to understand. While Lucius desired to play the martyr, Walden desired to play the protector.
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