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Macnair's Axe

That's Macnair with an "A" to ye, laddie!

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This community is dedicated to Walden Macnair, a character from the Harry Potter books. He's a Death Eater and the appointed executioner for the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures at the Ministry of Magic.

Some would call him a minor character, but not us, his squeeing fangirls. And likely, JK Rowling would tell us "How dare you!" for even taking the time to set up this community, but such is life.

Fics, drabbles, and fanart--both het and slash--featuring Walden Macnair are welcome here.

This is a moderated community...in other words, you can NOT post anything that your little heart desires here. This is a specific community for a specific purpose. If your post doesn't have to do with Walden Macnair, any sort of relationship he might be having with any of the Potterverse characters (or any OTHER characters, I'm open to crossovers if they're good), or any of his neato keeno accessories such as his axe (movie or canon), his wand, his prick, or any sorts of Scots weaponry he might have (skean dubh, claymore, whatever)...it does not belong here and I will gleefully toss it into the bloody head bucket.

This community's oh-so-very sharp icons are courtesy of tcregan and jhakeeey. If you borrow any of the icons, please give proper credit.

Thank ye all and slainte!